Saturday, January 28, 2012

Here we go...

Hey friends! My name is Heather and here it new blog. I have to say, I'm a little overwhelmed and excited at the same time! Why am I doing this? Well, I need an outlet. Something new. Something that I love and is all mine. When I first started toying with the idea of a blog I had a few questions to answer for myself. First, what do I have to say that is so important? I guess the answer is subjective. I think what I have to say is important but do others? This led to my next question. What, exactly, do I want to say? This one took me awhile. I thought about, and rejected, several ideas before getting here. I didn't want to just talk about me...or couponing...or baking, in general...So many ideas that I didn't like for myself. What do I love? I love baking. I love the stress reliever that it is for me. But to write about that? It's, in my opinion, too broad a subject to write about. So, what then, is my favorite thing to bake? The answer was obvious. Cupcakes.

My pastor's grandson, Chandler, has a nickname for me - Miss Cupcake - how cute is that?? He's four and I just love to hear "Miss Cupcake! Miss Cupcake!" while he's running down the hall at church. I make sure to bring him some kind of treat to remind him of Miss Cupcake on a regular basis. Bribery? You might call it that. But I'm ok with it. He makes my day!

Who doesn't love cupcakes? They're the perfect single serving treat and so personal. Endless options for flavor combinations, colors, decorations, and occasions. So fun!  When I see a cupcake I can't help but smile. They're just so cute! So, here we are. My love affair with cupcakes. What's the plan? Well, I want to try 1-2 new cupcake ideas, recipes, decorations each week. Then, here on this page, I will tell you about them. Did I love them? Hate them? Were they a hit? A flop? What were people's reactions? Don't worry. I won't be eating them myself. After all, I work way too hard at the gym to do that to myself and have way too many volunteer taste-testers! By the way, this is just the beginning. The look here will change as I get comfortable in my new home. I'll upload pictures and make it personal. After all, one of the reasons I love cupcakes so much is their customization. So, likewise, this blog will reflect me. I hope that you will follow me on this journey! I promise it will be fun and we will learn a lot! Be looking for the first cupcake review in the next week. Happy reading and, more importantly, happy cupcake-ing!

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