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I love social media! It's such a great way to stay connected in this crazy, busy world! Here are all the different ways to stay connected with A Cupcake Love Affair...


on Facebook @ A Cupcake Love Affair and my personal page @ Heather Lay

on Twitter @acupcakeaffair

And, of course, you can reach me by email @ &

I look forward to hearing from you!!

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  1. Hey Heather. This is Julie. You sent an email saying I won on Friday. I'm sorry but I just got the email (was in my junk box). I have been trying to reply to you but it won't send. Something is goin on with hotmail. Having all sorts of problems. I hope you don't get a dozen replies from me:). I would love the broach and a Michaels gift card. Thanks again. Heres my info:
    Julie Baswell
    962 Espy Road
    Manchester, TN 37355


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